Stretching Technology

This is the kind of technology that I like to see. This guy went to a small island for a year. He studied how the islanders communicated; how information flowed. Besides the obvious differences between how communication happened there vs. the corporate culture in London he was accustomed to, he noticed was that the informality of the island was both effective as well as more enjoyable.

Specifically, he talks about the "discovery" aspect of communication. When communication is less formalized, you are more likely to "just happen" into new bits of news or knowledge. His research is built into a piece of software called "trampoline" that gather corporate info-well you can the whole more in the Wired News Article.

Friday, May 26, 2006, 12:00 AM

tagged: adhoc, communication, communities, desolate, islands, java, lateralthinking, randomness, trampoline, wired