Quick Hit: Localized Social Networking

I read an interesting idea over at: http://www.entrepreneur2be.com/2007/10/18/idea-datingmeeting-site-in-real-life/. He's talking about using location-based information combined with dating information for meeting people. He also muddles it with the scenario of finding a professor who teaches subject X ("ANN" in this case).

I think the concept is interesting, but think of it more broadly: social networking. I'll go into more detail in a minute, but first a scenario:

I recently looked through the friends' list of some of my friends on a social networking site. You know, you see that Johnny recently friend-ed Paul and you wonder, "How is Paul these days? WHERE is Paul these days I haven't heard boo in over 10 years!" You click on Paul and follow a few rabbit trails. You find a common friends who you haven't friend-ed yet (and you do) and, one of them lives in the same city as you. So someone who was a close friend 15+ years ago while you lived in a different country now lives in the same city as you and you find them online by browsing the friend list of a common friend whom you also knew 15+ years ago in a different country but that person is now on the other side of the globe. The beauty of the internet.

Anyways, let's say that my mobile phone was part o the social network app/website/thingy. Let's say I put some information on there as "allowed to be viewed by people nearby." Maybe a few interests, a country I lived in, and the high school I went to, and my name and a picture… maybe that's too much - let's leave privacy out of this discussion for the moment - we're in Utopia here.

So I happen to be in the mall one day and I get a beep: someone else from my high school is in the mall. Except I don't live in the same city as where I went to high school (not even the same country) - so this is unusual. I click and find a name and can send a message to that person and say "Hi."

This isn't social networking anymore, it's maybe digital-network-enhanced-networking now. Seems like a good idea to me. Oh yeah, sort out the privacy, right. But otherwise, a very simple extension on the existing social networks.


Friday, October 19, 2007, 12:00 AM

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