Pipe of Info

With the fiddling that I've been doing with twitter & Flickr & Facebook, I wanted to compile the information from those things (status + photos + blog entries). I did that with Yahoo Pipes. It let's you put RSS feeds together. Or take them apart, or strip off titles (I added "t: " to all twitter entries, "b: " to all blogger entires, and - you guessed it - "f: " to all flickr entries). I realized that you can grab that RSS anywhere, but you there isn't a webpage where you can see the full stream. So I'm linking to my Yahoo Pipe here: http://urltea.com/1999?MyInformation. Still on the to-do list: add some information to the Flickr photo titles so you get more than "DCM1695" or whatever (have we really shot 1,695 pictures already on this camera?). This will be more important once I get my mobile hooked into this (I'm just waiting for the data plan to kick in and then will use Shozu to slurp them into flickr on the go). I haven't quite figured out how to splice specific elements of a feed with Yahoo Pipes so I'll have to fiddle to get images right.

Saturday, August 18, 2007, 12:00 AM

tagged: colophon, friendfeed, rss, yahoopipes