Design Constraints: Watches

I have gotten out of the habit of reading Signals vs. Noise, but recently added it back to my RSS list. It's the people from from 37signals posting about lots of stuff. Their recent post about design variety is great. He's talking about web design and relates the open-ness of the constraints (as in, there isn't much) as an option to design more differences. He uses watches as an example.

It's such a small space, and it has a basic requirement: to display the time. Serious constraints. And yet, there are a ton of options. New watch designs are forever cropping up.

If you feel the need to tidily summarize this concepts insert that thought here.

Otherwise, I'm just tagging in another example of ideas and constraints and wondering if constraints don't actually help you come up with better ideas.

Previous post on constraints and coming up with ideas:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007, 12:00 AM

tagged: constraints, design, ideas