Demoing an Idea

I saw the video on:

Besides the fact that the video is just plain fun. (And whether or not this is real: though the video seems like an awfully annoying video to fake.) I love the fact that this guy made 3 really good demos for his work.

The idea would be interesting on its own (people eat up news about that phone these days) but, instead of just posting the code (which he did) or talking about it (which he also did) he used a 12 second video - it's a great little elevator pitch.

I had lunch with someone today and we talked about new business ideas and possible pitches (in terms of "So I understand: what is it exactly that you are talking about here as a business idea?"). Maybe that idea today, or most of my ideas, or your ideas, can't be summed up with 3 demos in 12 seconds.

But I'll bet that if they can, your audience will remember them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 12:00 AM

tagged: demos, ideas, videos