Quick Hit: Amazon doesn't own ISBN on Google?

I saw a book that might be interesting and, as I usually do, I tried to add it to my Amazon book list (it's my place for my list of books that I'd like to read someday). The trouble was, there wasn't an Amazon link. There was a "add to my Google library" link - but I don't use Google library (yet). So I used the Google search that I have built-in to my browser: My result? Amazon wasn't in the first page of options. What? How is it possible that Amazon isn't the first option for all ISBNs everywhere? Shouldn't their page rank out... ummm... rank everyone else's? The ISBN ensures that it is obviously relevant to my search: that's the exact book, binding, and publishing that I was looking for. I'm floored. After strategizing today about online marketing for websites that are much, much smaller than Amazon I couldn't believe that such a website wouldn't have a much larger presence.

Monday, January 14, 2008, 12:00 AM

tagged: amazon, websearching, pagerank

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