New Pipes

I had previously created a little system where I gathered multiple sources of information of my online activities (this blog, twitter, flickr, Amazon wishlist, etc.) and mashed them together. I was thinking that I should update that to include more recent things, but instead found FriendFeed which does just that (but better - as much fun as Yahoo Pipes was for me). You can see the result along the right-side of this page (at time of writing) called "FriendFeed - Also Online." If you want to follow-along, my page on friendfeed is: You can also comment on things I "post" (not sure what the term here is).

Update March 15, 2008: I have updated my blog design and link directly to several places. I have shunned the "lifestream" approach in favor of a few select streams: Upcoming Events, Specially-tagged bookmarks in delicious, and a select Blogroll (all more hand-picked than the previous "dump of information" approach).

Wednesday, January 09, 2008, 12:00 AM

tagged: rss, colophon, friendfeed, yahoopipes