QH: The iPhone continues to kill the web

It may seem weird to think that a mobile device that is so good at mobile web browsing (likely the best to-date [and I've owned 5 Microsoft-based devices whose browsing was initially way ahead of its competitors]) is killing the web, but I think it is.

Watching the WWDC (Apple's annual programmer shin-dig in Silicon Valley - they announced the iPhone 1.0 here last year) keynote that I missed while I was away on vacation, the eBay demo blew me away. Apple invited several people up on stage that had been using the new iPhone tools that let programmers make new programs for the iPhone. Disney, eBay, the Associated Press, and others have been doing things on the iPhone already.

eBay's program is what you'd expect: you can search & view auctions, add them to watchlists and bid on them...

What struck me is that it's the same things that you can do on their website: but they have made it specifically for the iPhone so it looks good and works really well for that screen. So it looks really good, uses the internet & eBay's existing services but never touches the actual www.ebay.com (or .ca) website. So it's the services that we love on the web, but without, well... the web itself. So the interface is better

And you could also mix in some things that aren't web specific. You can make use of the actual device you are using (in this case the iPhone).

Loopt is another really cool application that actually uses the GPS location-based information of the iPhone. Several games shown use the accelerometer of the iPhone (a racing game where you tilt the iPhone right to turn right and tilt it left to turn left).

And yes, I'm excited about the iPhone 2 coming to Canada this summer. I may well be in line or pre-order or something (which would be a hardware first for me). Hopefully Rogers won't make the data plan hurt too much.

Thursday, June 12, 2008, 12:00 AM

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