QH: Want news on the web? Try the radio.

I'm punching around the internet looking for iPhone lineup information in my town (yes, I did buy one, and no, I did not camp out or lineup - I was looking to avoid the lineup locations and still get one). I Google'd it. I looked on Rogers & other major news websites.

I got a bit of information from engadget.com - the site is not local for my town, but there were a few updates from people in my town giving information. Local newspaper websites & television stations were useless.

The best info (up-to-time reporting): the radio news websites! I wouldn't have guessed old-school news to be up on the new-school internet news reporting.

And, yes I have my iPhone in-hand and activated. Now I just need to figure out Exchange...

Friday, July 11, 2008, 12:00 AM

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