Missing Items #1: Subscribe-to notices

Today I wondered if a TV show that was new last season: "Chuck" would be back or if it had died a quiet death. Google finds me the NBC page for Chuck which says "returning Sept 29." This is excellent news. It's a featured news item on the page. There is a video announcement of it.

But why did I have to go find out for myself?

Where is "let me know" button? Let me subscribe: I'd appreciate to be able to leave my email and know that I'd get an email 2,3 or 4 weeks before the show was set to air. (Or, conversely, an email when it had indeed died - at least I would know for sure.) Isn't this the very definition of permission marketing?

I'm a fan looking to find out more. I'm just the person that NBC should be catering to when it comes to this specific type of information.

Or, how about:

  • Letting me subscribe to get updates on the show: either by email or RSS
  • Letting me see where in my town they might have season premiere events
    (This would be linked to a list where restaurants & pubs could add their information - sort of Google maps meets Facebook events.)
  • Linking to forums, blogs, or groups (Google groups or Facebook groups) to find out news - and inviting me to join
    (Beyond the nbc.com forums and quasi-social networking site that they have - link to the other community and external options.)
  • Letting me subscribe to a list of new videos as they come in (via RSS)
    • Even better: let me do this on my iPhone, where I can view them directly in the NBC app.
  • Let me download the graphic novel to my computer or mobile device.
  • Let me download the videos (even just the web exclusives - not the episodes [that I can't see here outside the US]) to my computer or mobile device.
  • Let me download or link to the music that is listed for each episode.

This is the first in an infinite series entitled: "Missing Items." The concept: services or features that could exist to help someone reach their goals. In this case, what NBC could be doing to reach out to fans and increase their viewership.


Saturday, July 26, 2008, 12:00 AM

tagged: chuck, marketing, nbc, permissionmarketing

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