News: YouTube upgrading video

I just read that Google is buying Omnisio. Omnisio has a really cool online player ( I mentioned it in my blog post on video technology here - a video on Omnisio also spawned this post on how to summarize & communicate better).

Head on over to Omnisio (note: mostly technical videos at this time) for the preview of technology that's probably headed to YouTube in the near future. Cool Omnisio features:

  • Ability to view slides in-line with video
    The slides sync and it's the closest thing online to being at a presentation
  • You can comment directly on a moment in a video - inside the video itself (instead of a rolling list of comments below the video)
  • More meaningful links to parts in videos - instead of jumping forward "4:00 minutes" you can identify different segments (e.g. "the part where the cat jumps on the guy's head")

This also caught my eye because Omnisio was funded by YCombinator - an interesting seed venture capital firm that I've been watching (also read the book: Founders At Work - ok, it's not on YC or about YC, but it's about startups by one of the YC partners).

Saturday, August 02, 2008, 12:00 AM

tagged: startups, news, youtube, videotechnology