Missing Items #2: More user information

I previously talked about using delicious for research (thankfully, under Yahoo!, now boring-but-easy "delicious.com" instead of the insane, but one-time hip, "del.icio.us"). Doing just that: researching (via Delicious, in addition to Google & following blog links, etc.), a topic, I was using this screen:

It's very useful - but... there are some missing items.

What I was trying to do: find more information. I was using this screen to see what other users had tagged this, and then checking out their tags. I was trying to get a sense, from the short snippet, of whether a particular user would have more bookmarks that would help in my research.

What would have helped: Show me:

  • how many links in each tag
  • how many links in the join of multiple tags (I was searching for innovation+metrics [or innovation+measures])
  • what other tags a particular user has used (this would have to be some sort of summarizing view)
  • timeline/dates on recent activity in the various tags (answer for me: "Did they just look for this stuff once or are they a fount of bookmarks on this subject?")
  • let me filter by language (some users speak other languages and their bookmarks in Danish didn't help me)
  • let me see if I've visited their bookmarks before (maybe this is the "network" or "friend" part of delicious, but I want something less formal: have I viewed their bookmarks before [and found them useful?])
  • let me see what percentage of their bookmarks overlap with mine
    • let me see what percentage of their tags overlap with mine
    • let me see which don't overlap
  • what tags they use on their blog or Flickr (this is getting outside of delicious I realize but, again, it's information about that user & their interests)

Saturday, August 23, 2008, 12:00 AM

tagged: socialweb, tools, bookmarks, delicious

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