Missing Items #3: Comments

Comments. Comments on blogs, product reviews (they are just specialized comments on a product), articles...

What would help:

Let me come back

  • Have subscription buttons for blog comments so I can leave a comment and see when someone posts after me.
  • Let me bookmark particularly good comments - not just the article, but the comment

More user information

  • Some comment systems allow for a URL for the commentor. Why just 1? Why not their delicious tags & flickr photos & blog &...
    Or, maybe we need a single united URL that contains various link for people. Sure this could be done by each person on their website - but it isn't and the bar should be lower.
  • More types of comments: audio & video as well as text & links.

Integration across sites

  • Integration blog comments & twitter
    (So I can tweet comments or get responses via twitter)
    Or integration across multiple websites in general
  • To take it a step further: why can't I take any piece of information on the web or my computer or other peoples' computer and hook it to a notification system.
    -And- such a system should know where I am (so how to contact me: SMS text message, tweet, email)
    -And- the system should have smart filtering: so it can help in the signal to noise ratio
    • When a co-worker modifies a document that we're working on, text my mobile or email me
    • When one of my favorite writers writes a new article or blog post, scan the text and notify me if I'll be interested in the content

Some work happening in the comment space

Saturday, September 06, 2008, 12:00 AM

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