Who is Jeffrey Priebe?

The most updated description can usually be found on my LinkedIn page.

My Background

About Me:

  • As a technologist: I wrote my first computer code for-pay over 15 years ago.
    I sold the IP from my first company in 2006.
    My background is programming & software development project management.
  • On the business side:
    I've sat on the management team with tech industry veterans and jammed on business plans and sales approaches.
    I've completed graduate studies in business administration.
    I am particularly focused on the tech & online businesses that I love.

I bring together these two things: technology + business understanding.

More Information

  • You can see some other ways I'm online that you can follow me and find out more (LinkedIn, twitter, etc.)
  • The most recent things I've read that I think are interesting are in the links on the right. These are constantly changing as I read new things. If you want to follow the whole list, it's a specific tag ("BlogLink") on delicious. Think of it as my highlight reel of what I'm reading.
  • Some of my favourite authors can be seen in the blogroll.
  • If you know about somewhere in town where people are showing new technology or web applications or web-based services that they've created that I don't have listed, please tell me - I'll probably join you there.

Other Interests

When we do meet in person, here's a few topics that I'm interested and would love to hear your take on:

  • The latest technology
    (Of course.)
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    Especially as these apply to startups.
  • Innovation & Ideas and the process
    How we think & learn and are creative. Where to find ideas and who to watch for innovation.
  • Environmental & green activities
    I firmly believe that we need to be making a difference in how we use natural resources. One of the small things that I do is buy Bullfrog power for my home.
    If you are familiar with green technology - even better!
  • Good food & good coffee
    Know where the best coffee shop is in town? I'd love to hear.
    I love finding new restaurants that serve great food.